What is Majestic Circus?

Majestic Circus is an online entertainment company that brings live experiences that are fun for the whole family straight to your home! 

This is not your typical virtual game night, the experiences are different and the hosts are incredible. 

Whether you are planning a big night in, celebrating anything at all or just having your weekly catch up, Majestic Circus offers a personalized experience that everyone will enjoy! 

Majestic Circus offers an affordable way for friends and family to enjoy one another, share laughs and allow one member to go home with all the bragging rights!

Find out more about how the circus was created and who the founding members are!


It’s an Experience!

The goal of Majestic Circus is to offer more than just a game, more than just a trivia, it is an interactive experience! You will have the opportunity to interact with your group and with a live host! Majestic Circus will elevate the way at home entertainment will be experienced and we are excited to show you more!

It’s Hosted Live!

These RingMasters are all highly trained professionals who just know how to have an awesome time! And believe us, they will ensure that you and everyone you know will have fun as well!  They have had the opportunity to entertain millions of people and now you have a chance to be entertained by them.

Corporate Experiences!

Majestic Circus experiences are  even more fun when your company is paying for it.  Since our launch we have hosted over 50 Corporate event for more than 4000 participants.  Our events foster communication, team building as well as engagement.  Fill out our corporate event questionnaire  today for the most fun you have had at work this year.

There is nothing like us!

The Majestic Circus team is diverse, talented and most importantly unique.  No matter \what you are expecting we will exceed those expectations.  Our RingMasters are ready to show you, your family or company the most fun and engaging event you have seen. 

Who Joins the Circus?


Staying connected with your family is not only important but just fun. So nonna in New York, mom and pop in Seattle and the kids in California will all be able have a great laugh playing together.


Invite your friends, near and far, for a weekly catch up or a special celebratory experience, Majestic Circus is the best way to bring friends together to reconnect and stay connected!


Looking for something different and lively for your next team meeting? Majestic Circus helps bond teams and build communication skills. This will bring the entire team together (even if you are still remote)!


There are no limits! It is our goal to create experiences for everyone, so grab your yoga partner, the bros, the lovely stranger from the coffee shop and come together to have fun together!

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