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Majestic Circus experiences are even more fun when your company is paying for it. Since our launch we have hosted over 75 Corporate events for more than 4000 participants. Our events foster communication, team building as well as engagement. Fill out our corporate event questionnaire today for the most fun you have had at work this year.


Online Corporate Team Building Packages.

We have 3 preset packages available below if you know when you want the event and how many participants you expect.  If you need more information  or a custom package it is all below for you.

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Corporate Experiences Information

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Majestic Circus is an online entertainment company that brings live experiences that are Fun Energetic and Interactive straight to your workplace!

We’re one of the leading virtual employment engagement solutions in the industry.

Here are our experiences and detailed breakdowns of each of them.

You can choose our Novel Games, Get It!, Know IT! or the Mash Up! Click each game below for a full explanation.

Get it! A Game of Fetch, Sort of.......

Imagine a game night mixed with a scavenger hunt, swirled with a few extra surprises, all executed under the ticking of a stopwatch. Don’t get too confident, this challenge to find common household items and bring them back before your opponent always has unexpected twists and turns! To set yourself up for the best time, make clear paths through your home, don your most comfortable clothing, and slip on your running shoes so you can be safe, swift and quick! Players will compete in a series of games across four rounds. Each round has unique rules and game play, all covering a wide range of topics and themes. Throughout the game, players compete on teams that change throughout the rounds, meaning no single team is able to completely dominate the game. Despite team play, only one player will come out victorious. Scores can drastically change as players are given the opportunity to PICK IT OR STICK IT which has the potential to skyrocket them to the lead or drag leading players to the bottom of the board. This unique feature means all players, regardless of their scavenger hunt prowess, have an opportunity to win the game.

  • 4-16 players (Can be done tournament style to accommodate up to 250 participants )
  • Live 60-minute hosted experience, 4 unique rounds with many original categories to choose from Default video conferencing via Zoom but can be hosted on any platform.
  • Appropriate for all ages.

Round 1 Quick Find:

The first round is straight-forward scavenger hunt designed to ease players into GET IT. Items vary in typical location in the house and difficulty.

Round 2 Players choose 1 off 3 options

At the start of round two, before showing the teams, the players will vote on 1 of 3 games to play. The game with the highest votes is the game to be played for Round 2. The players must vote on the game without knowledge of the gameplay. The only hint is the round name. The round options are: It’s a Mess, What Am I and Picture This.

Round 3 Players choose 1 off 3 options

Like round two players will vote on 1 of 3 games to play for Round 3. The game with the highest votes is the game to be played for Round 3. The players must vote on the game without knowledge of the gameplay. The only hint is the round name. The round options are: Betting On You, In Plain Sight & Relay Rally.

Round 4 The Big Get

The final round is an opportunity for trailing players to make up ground and earn several points.


Book a demo with the Majestic Circus Team, you will love it!

We can either walk you through it or you can book an hour long meeting and you and 3 others can experience a fully playable demo, I know which option I would pick!

Virtual Corporate Events

You want a successful corporate event, and we understand that at Majestic Circus. Getting together to celebrate company success, acknowledge milestones, and foster stronger relationships with co-workers, clients, and colleagues alike is not only great for your organization, it can also be a whole lot of fun. 

But there’s also a lot of time, effort, and money that goes into corporate events. Grappling with locations, venues, vendors, guest lists, entertainment, dates, times, and budgets can turn what’s supposed to be an enjoyable evening into more of a headache than anything else. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just do it all online? 

With Majestic Circus’s online corporate events, you can do just that. Get uniquely compelling team building experiences inspired by the spirit of the big top that your guests can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. Our RingMasters are happy to take the reins and make your virtual corporate event as easy for you, and as engaging for your employees, as possible.

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