These experiences have been custom created by a group of brilliant minds for the Majestic Circus family…that’s you! Whether you are a pro or never played a virtual game, you will enjoy every moment.  

Each experience is 60 minutes long and can be played with a minimum of 4 up to 16 players. So when you gather 10 or more players each experience is less then $20 each!

You will play on teams but score as an individual. Plus, with a dynamic scoring system anyone can win and the outcome is different every time! There are multiple categories in each experience, so you can play over and over again and experience something new!

Majestic Circus is committed to offering new and exciting experiences often so make sure you keep coming back to see what’s new!


This is not your average pub trivia, it’s an experience all about knowledge, (usually) useless information, quick wits & the occasional song lyric. Work together but score on your own to take the illustrious crown of supreme Know It All! Even if you aren’t a brainiac you will still have fun and possibly win the whole game! With categories like Picture This, Singing Gibberish and Go Figure anyone can win and anything is possible! Get yourself comfortable and ready for laughs, surprises and you might even learn something!

Details: 60 Minutes & 4 – 16 Players

ONLY $ 199.00


Imagine a trivia night mixed with a scavenger hunt, swirled with a few extra surprises, all executed under the ticking of a stopwatch. Don’t get too confident, this challenge to find common household items and bring them back before your opponent,  always has unexpected twists and turns! To set yourself up for the best time, make clears paths through your home, don your most comfortable clothing, and slip on your running shoes so you can be safe, swift and quick!

Details: 60 Minutes & 4 – 16 Players

ONLY $199.00


Looking for a non-date night date night? Grab your spouse, best friend, a sibling, or even a parent and see if you have what it takes to be dubbed the “perfect PARTNERs!” You and your PARTNER will take on up to 5 other duos in various challenges. To succeed you’ll need knowledge of each other, a deck of playing cards, a pen, paper, and of course, teamwork. If your connection is strong enough you may trade your PARTNERship for a CHAMPIONship!

Details: 60 Minutes & 2 – 6 DUOs (12 players max)

ONLY $ 199.00