We want to ensure you’re completely comfortable and ready for your live hosted experience. Check out all the important information below including tips about technology! Don’t skim, even though you know you want to!

Frequently Ask Questions

It is recommended for players to be above the age of 12 to play our experiences.  While our activities are family friendly and do not contain any content that would be inappropriate, the answers and cadence of the game are easier for players 12 and up.

Our Experiences are family friendly (No adult content)

A standard broadband connection is recommended for the most crisp audio and video possible… you can check your internet speed at fast.com

It is recommended you play on your laptop as a webcam is required.  You can play along on a phone or an Ipad but the content may be too small for you during the game. (Feel free to connect us to your TV).

Check your mic and audio so we can hear you and you can hear us!

Make sure your computer is plugged in so it doesn’t lose power during these awesome experiences.

Zoom is a video platform used for the experience.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, visit https://majesticcircus.zoom.us/ and click Getting Started at the bottom of the screen for more information.

No, in fact the opposite! Our experiences are fun with any amount of people.   It is a flat fee for each experience, so the price is per group, and you can have up to 16 players! (How you split the price is totally up to you!)

Go to the Book Now tab at the top of your screen. You are able to book a RingMaster but remember there is limited availability and we recommend that you book at least a few weeks in advance.

Our booking process accepts all major credit or debit cards.

4 to 16 players can play each of our current experiences.  We are always innovating and we have big plans for larger games coming in the future 🙂

No, you can play with all players in the same room or all players in different countries. At times in the game even if you are in the same home you will be on different teams so make sure you don’t share the answers!

No! We have lots of different categories within our experiences and you will be able to choose to make the game unique for your group. We also update our game questions and content regularly so playing again won’t necessarily be a repeat of the previous experience you had!  Also, each one of our talented RingMasters brings their unique hosting style to each experience. 

Yes, you can actually book the time you prefer to have your experience, or by preferred RingMaster. We can tell you one thing, there is no wrong answer when you choose one of our RingMasters. 

If you need to reschedule you need to let us know asap.  We will do our best to work with you to find a time that works for your group. For any questions about your booking please use the Contact Us page.

You can generally book a month in advance.

All of the Experiences start maximum 10 minutes after the start time on the booking as some RingMasters have multiple games to host during the day, so we aim to keep our timings booked as much as possible.  If an experience starts late due to someone from the group joining late we will not be able to extend the experience to make up for that.  In other words, reiterate to your group that being on time will maximize the experience for you.

Whatever you feel like! We want you to be comfy and ready to play! (But please wear something!)

This is a private experience for you and your group.  Only the people that you share the link with will be playing with you. Your Ringmaster is just for you and your group (up to 16 players) so get ready to have so much fun!

Yes! You can enjoy a beverage of your choice and have some snacks as you play! Just remember it is a LIVE experience that uses your webcam you will need to engage with the other players and your RingMaster, so choose your snacks wisely)!

You will be able to see their availability on MajesticCircus.com (RingMasters are unable to take direct bookings during their experiences or through social media)

Yes, you will be given the opportunity to tip your Ringmaster. They will have all their information displayed during the experience.

All of our RingMasters  have been hand picked by the Majestic Circus team to ensure we have the most talented online hosts in the world.  There is literally no wrong answer when selecting your RingMaster,  We want you to have as much fun as possible, we are confident  you will love them all!

Short answer is NO.  This is not something Majestic Circus allows, just like going to the movies, we want the experience to be fully experienced, so no recording!

Our RingMasters are located all over the world and we know you are too, so the times listed will automatically change to your time zone. So don’t worry about counting the hours, just book away! You will receive a confirmation email that will list the time in Eastern Standard Time but don’t worry, it will still be scheduled for the time you chose in your time zone!

Each experience is hosted by an entertainment expert that has hosted millions of people from all over the world. Also, the more friends you gather then the lower the cost will be, grab 10 or more of your friends and pay less than a night at the movies or a night out and still receive the same level of entertainment!