Majestic Circus is the brainchild of a few friends from the entertainment industry who decided to reimagine fun in early 2020. The virtual playground features unforgettable live experiences hosted by seasoned show biz pros- RingMasters – each with big personalities and a touch of comedic genius. Best of all, the unique experiences are designed to keep you guessing and having fun!   

The group of creators each has strong ties to entertainment, all as performers, personal enthusiasts, and inventors. With over 50 years of experience between the bunch, the live experiences have been designed to combine production, participation, and a bit of healthy competition. This is not your average game night.

In fact, their experiences have been enjoyed by millions of guests over the past 10+ years – perhaps even by you! In summary, they know how to have fun.

Kevin Noonan, a globe-trotter with a knack for people and production.

James Dunn, an experienced entertainment professional, both on stage and in management and operations.

Jake Spartz, a creative mastermind that lives and breathes games and immersive experiences.

David Tarr, a savvy businessman who grew up entertaining and singing for thousands of people. 

The team wanted to create a space where people can have fun, create memories and connect with each other and a space where entertainers can do what they love most; providing guests with memorable experiences. 

Without doubt, Majestic Circus is going to restructure the way we meet, connect, and have fun. The team is honored and excited to have this opportunity and want to welcome all of you to the Majestic Circus family!