Virtual Experiences with Majestic Circus

Are you ready to visit the circus? Enjoy Majestic Circus virtual experiences for friends, family, and corporate events!

Enter the Majestic Circus

The inspiration behind Majestic Circus was to entertain and encourage connections between far-flung folks. Since early 2020, the Circus has provided services to corporate clients, families, and friends looking to reconnect. At the wheel of the business sit our four RingMasters:

  • Kevin Noonan – CEO and co-founder
  • James Dunn – Co-founder
  • Jake Spartz – Head of creative

Our services include:

Live Hosting

What is a game night without an enthusiastic host? At Majestic Circus, we have enthusiasm in spades. Our RingMasters are highly-trained professionals with a combined 50 years of industry experience.

When you call on a RingMaster to help you run your night, you’re getting not only a competent tech person but a DJ and motivational speaker, too. When you schedule a live-hosted game night through Majestic Circus, you all but guarantee the chance to spend your night laughing and building relationships with your fellow participants.

Customized Experiences

Fun and unique experiences have gotten a little harder to find in light of 2020’s unprecedented events. That’s where Majestic Circus comes into play!

Our staff has put their heads together to develop interactive gaming experiences designed for participants all around the world. Our games are meant to foster collaboration, drive team building at corporate events, and encourage friendly competition among loved ones.

Participants involved in Majestic Circus virtual experience events can freely interact with one another as well as the game’s host. We strive to make communication as simple as possible, all while encouraging a sense of community and engagement. At the Circus, nothing’s off the table. We can customize all of our games to accommodate people who prefer a slower pace or want virtual experiences to get a little more personal.

Why Schedule a Night at the Circus?

Traditional game nights are great opportunities for you to catch up with friends or catch up on the most recent work gossip. But without work or home environments to gather in, it gets harder and harder to facilitate this kind of closeness between groups of people.

Majestic Circus recognizes that the world of work and play are both rapidly changing. As interest in the online medium rises, businesses and friends should also use the platform to their advantage. That’s where game nights with Majestic Circus come into play. The benefits of working with our team include:

Long-Distance Fun

If you have employees or friends spread about the wider world, it’s all but impossible to get your group together for a night on the town. While Zoom cocktail hours have risen in popularity, it’s a little easier to bond with other strangers when you have a common cause.

The games we offer at Majestic Circus give your groups just that. You can work together to find common items in your household or answer niche trivia questions cultivated by one of our RingMasters. Those same live hosts will guide you through your experience, encouraging you and others to work together to not only meet game challenges but to get to know one another, too.

Improved Relationships

If you’re at the helm of a business, you know how difficult it can be to get your team members to work together. This isn’t always because your team is obstinate. Sometimes, rather, it’s just because your team members don’t feel comfortable with one another.

To effectively break down the barriers between your employees, you sometimes have to go to an outside source. Majestic Circus’s RingMasters play the role of experienced entertainers as well as motivational speakers.

During an hour-long game session, we can work to bring your team members together. Strangers can work collectively to score points in our “Know It!” and “Get It!” games, overcoming their reluctance to socialize for a chance to win it big. When you go back to the office come Monday, you’ll find that the development from the game carries over, making it easier for you to request collaboration amongst your team members.

Health and Safety Compliance

Today’s increased interest in the work-from-home lifestyle has transformed the modern office. Your employees are not only more comfortable working from home, but many of them feel safer there, too. Considering that illnesses like COVID-19 are still at large as of this year, virtual experience events can help your team come together without putting anyone’s health at risk.

This kind of online engagement works in a three-fold pattern. Not only do you drive socialization between your staff while protecting each individual’s health, but you also cultivate a sense of employee-to-employer respect. Your team will appreciate the steps you take to preserve their sense of well-being, meaning that their efforts at work will be all the more productive.

Come Under the Big Top for a Virtual Experience

Majestic Circus has a variety of games on tap for you and your friends to play. Whether you want to make a night in a little more fun or arrange a great team-building experience for new coworkers, these games will get you on your feet and challenge you to both support and compete with your fellow players.

Our most popular virtual experience events include:

Get It! Virtual Experience

You didn’t think you and your friends or coworkers could go on a scavenger hunt virtually, did you? Well, you never worked with a team like ours before. Our “Get It” virtual experience is one of the most popular Circus base games.

To play “Get It,” you and your game-mates will want to:

  • Clear paths throughout your home for easy running and searching
  • Wear clothing and shoes that you’re comfortable moving in
  • Prepare for safe but fast-paced activities!

“Get It” takes place for four rounds. Once the game starts, your game host will establish unique rules, with many of them changing from round to round. During each round, you’ll have to search your home for special personal belongings that fall into the categories established by the host. Each round will get clocked, meaning you’ll need to safely rush through your home to make it back to your computer in time.

Even though you’ll be working as a team with some of your other participants, you’ll be scored on your belongings as an individual. By the fourth round, you can elevate yourself above the rest of your team or decimate the scores of other players.

You can play a game of “Get It!” with as few as 16 people. Our game hosts can accommodate crowds of up to 250, moving the game into a tournament-style arrangement that encourages as much cooperation as it does competition. So long as all of your team members have access to Zoom or another video hosting program, you can set yourself up for an hour of fast-paced team-building.

Know It! Virtual Experience

Who doesn’t enjoy trivia night? The opportunity to compete with knowledgeable people and show off your own smarts makes games like “Know It!” very appealing among friends.

“Know It!” is more than just a trivia game, though. When you sign up for a “Know It!” game night, you’ll put your knowledge of punny jokes, song lyrics, and obscure topics to the test. Common categories in a “Know It!” session include “Picture This,” “Singing Gibberish,” and “Go Figure.”

Our game hosts strive to ensure that our “Know It!” virtual experience events are accessible to all players. When you consult with our team during your initial consultation, we can integrate categories from “Company Policies” to “Break Room Jokes” into our “Know It!” catalog.

The categories are easy for anyone to guess at, ensuring that everyone has an equal shot of becoming the game’s winner. What’s more, we allow you and your friends to customize your gaming experience.

“Know It!” is the perfect game for a minimum of 16 players. That said, our game hosts are witty enough to accommodate up to 250 attendees. We can convert the game from its traditional “Jeopardy” style into an ongoing tournament, ensuring that everyone invited has the chance to put their most niche information to the test.

Get It/Know It Mash-Up!

Are you looking to make the most of everything Majestic Circus has to offer? Consider our “Mash-Up!” game nights! Available exclusively to corporate clients, our “Mash-Up!” game nights let your staff play both our “Get It!” and “Know It!” games.

These games are ideal for at least 16 players but can host up to 250, with hosts managing points between teams and individuals alike. To learn more about our “Mash-Up!” options, you can schedule a consultation with one of our ringleaders today.

Planning Your Majestic Circus Virtual Experience

Majestic Circus strives to serve both corporations and groups of friends looking for a fun night in. That’s why we make our game experiences highly customizable!

With the base games of Know It! and Get it! available to all parties, you can schedule a consultation with one of our team members to learn more about your experience options.

What to Expect From a Majestic Circus Virtual Experience

Majestic Circus strives to make its virtual games as flexible and accessible as possible. When you sign up for a virtual experience, we’ll work with you to arrange the theme and any interesting customization points.

Our virtual experiences are 60 minutes long, though we can extend that time to accommodate larger groups. Our host will send you and your registered participants a link to the game platform. When it comes time to settle in, interested parties can activate their webcams and enter the game room.

Opening Ceremonies

To start the festivities, our hosts will first introduce themselves. (This should be entertaining in and of itself.)

Game Overview

Next, one of the hosts will explain the game and answer any questions. If you’re unsure of anything, ask before the clock starts ticking!

Away We Go

There’s only one thing left to do at this point… play! Once the games begin, parties can work together in teams but get scored on their performances as individuals.


At the end of the session, your host will bid you adieu, leaving you with your scores and good memories of a night well-spent.

Virtual Experience Pricing

When planning a Majestic Circus event, don’t worry about group size. Our team can work with you to ensure that your event suits any group size. Our virtual experiences are priced by person, with overall group size impacting the price per head:

  • Groups of up to 100 people = $20 per person
  • Groups of more than 100 people = $15 per person

If you want to customize your virtual experience, you can sit down with one of our team members to discuss your options. Schedule your consultation to discuss your personal virtual experience today!

Our customization programs come at $100 per category. This flexibility allows you to integrate your company values (for corporate events) and inside jokes into our program, making your virtual experience all the more personal for attending employees. We also offer services that facilitate comedy nights, dance lessons, and musical performances.

Get to Know Majestic Circus

Majestic Circus came to life in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In early 2020, RingMasters Kevin Noonan, James Dunn, Jake Spartz, and David Tarr created a platform based on long-distance entertainment and high-energy fun. The team boasts a collective 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry, meaning that you’re guaranteed to have a game night like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Bring the Circus to Your Next Virtual Experience Event

Have you been looking for a new way to bond with your colleagues? Or are you in the market for a unique birthday experience for a loved one or child? If you’re looking for something new and virtual to bring the people you care about, then it’s time to call on the Big Top.

Majestic Circus strives to make game nights accessible to people in all fields. For more information about the services we offer, you can schedule a consultation with one of our representatives. During our first talks, we can discuss our base games and the additional services that our team can bring to the table.